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In Elementary Schools

We provide our Violence Prevention / Positive Choice classes to children in traditional elementary school classrooms. We also provide Afterschool Workshops to selected "in need" children where we meet once a week. Individual Mentoring is available as well.

The classes and workshops teach children how to make positive choices, understand and deal with anger, violence and conflict and support them to make positive choices in the future. We use the highly effective and innovative ReDo Choices™ Violence Prevention Curriculum that teaches outcome based decision making and helps young people understand and deal with anger, violence and conflict.

In High Schools

In our Peace Maker Program, we are proud to offer our curriculum to high school students. During this time, we teach the students all the core components of our curriculum and also train them in the interactive theatre process. When completed, these new conflict educators can provide classes and / or assemblies for their own student body, their community or “feeder” elementary and middle schools.

Some of the things that make our programs unique are:

  • We approach children from all the learning styles, auditory, visual and kinesthetic;
  • Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for elementary-age children;
  • Our curriculum incorporates games, interaction, and fun which helps the children to easily understand and learn the concepts;
  • The curriculum was developed by a former police officer and uses his unique perspective of violence and poor choices; and
  • We incorporate interactive theatre that goes beyond the mere “role play." The scenes used are events from the children’s own lives.

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