The Village Project
About Us

The Village Project was started in September of 1997, and we received our non-profit status in May of 1998. Paul Figueroa, the founder, created The Village Project as a result of his twelve and a half year career in law enforcement with the King County Sheriff's Department in Seattle, Washington. In October 1996, while he was a Detective in the Gang Unit, Paul began teaching children about positive choices and showing them alternatives to violence. In July 1998, Paul left law enforcement and focused on helping children proactively. Paul uses fun, games, and interactive theatre in his work with children, and currently serves as Executive Director of The Village Project.

Paul and youngster from one of our classes

Since our inception, we have reached thousands of children with our message of non-violence and positive choices. We’re excited to be continuing our message in schools in the Puget Sound Area!

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