The Village Project
Our program uses The Peace Enforcement Violence Prevention / Self Esteem Curriculum ™ through Peace Enforcement LLC in Seattle, WA.

It’s highly innovative and very effective. Below are the core components of the curriculum:

The Choice Point Matrix. This is a visible method of helping children make positive choices. Outcome Based Decision Making is demonstrated and the tool clearly illustrates how positive outcomes result from positive choices and negative outcomes from negative choices.

Mad Mountain. This concept introduces physical reactions that occur in the human body when we get mad and that multiple choices exist about what to do with our anger. The children each discover how their own body reacts and that being angry does not take away their choices. Rather, they recognize that they are at a place of making a positive or negative choice.

Cauldron O’ Anger
. We discuss that anger is energy, and provide the children with healthy ways of releasing it. Children learn that if they leave their anger unchecked they are headed towards The Violence Ladder.

The Violence Ladder. This illustrates that violence escalates and that each step of escalation is a personal choice. We explore the steps for climbing down the ladder, including recognizing the human body’s physical reactions to conflict, thinking the situation through, and making the choice, whether or not to be violent.

The Conflict Map. This concept illustrates how to stay safe when you’re in a conflict. We physically move through new ways of responding to conflict, make conscious choices, and always keep in mind whether or not we are safe.

Interactive Theatre
. This powerful tool allows the children to re-do an event in their lives that had a negative outcome. The mentors take on the “negative” roles and recreate the event in a safe way. The child then gets to make different choices in the moment and experience the effect they have on the outcome. The mentors stay in character and respond as they think the character would in “real life”. The scene ends when the child reaches a positive outcome from the event. During these skits, the children get to use and experience the effectiveness of the many tools they have learned during the classes.

Innovative Curriculum: All Village Project concepts, approaches and games encourage Outcome Based Decision Making. They allow and generate observations, increase awareness and invite discussion on different points of view. The Choice Point Matrix, for example, is an outcome based process. It shows children the importance of looking at and weighing all the options prior to making a decision. It helps them to realize they are constantly at choice, and that they do have control over the choices they make.

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