The Village Project

The Village Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide elementary, middle and high school children with Violence Prevention / Positive Choice Classes, Afterschool Workshops and Individual Mentoring. We provide caring mentors that go directly to schools and educate the young people about healthy alternatives to violence.

We also teach our highly effective curriculum to high school students so they can provide classes and assemblies for their own student body, their community, and elementary and middle schools.

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Paul and a youngster

Last year we helped over 90 children.

One class showed a 56% reduction in conflict.

Another class noted a 51% improvement in children making positive choices with their anger.

Still another class reported a 48% improvement in children's self-esteem.


Bullying has come to the forefront lately in our country, schools and community. Our program effectively reduces bullying - in schools and in children's lives.

As the founder, Paul Figueroa (a former police officer) will tell you, low self-esteem is the basis for most all harmful conflict... including bullying.

Mr. Figueroa says: "The way to reduce bullying is to improve the children's self esteem - both the bully and bullied. You also provide the bully with loving structure to help them learn to change their behavior, not from a place of less than or shame, rather from a place of being an awesome person who made a mistake. Support the person being bullied to not believe the negative messages and get the help they need to ensure their safety."

Our program provides young people with concrete and highly effective tools to help them process, deal with and come to terms with conflict, bullying, violence and low self esteem. Now, more than ever, it's important that we reach the children!

Our Programs WORK!

We constantly measure the effectiveness of our Violence Prevention / Self-Esteem Classes. The results show spectacular changes, confirming how successful our classes are.

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